Blue, blue hat

Oh….has it been this long since I've posted? Over two months? I can't believe it! A computer crash, camera problems, another international move, six family members felled one by one by winter colds…'s been quite a hectic last few months. But here I am again.

I'll keep this brief for now, but want to share this hat – another one of those fun, gratifying, one-day projects I love so much.


Anna is modeling the hat (and just like the toddler she is, she moves so quickly I can barely capture her on camera), but it's actually sized for a six or seven year old child. I made it for a friend's little girl, who is going through chemotherapy right now and needs something warm to wear on her head. She loves blue, blue in all shades but navy.


I'd been looking for the perfect yarn for a few months now, and was thrilled to find this at a local yarn shop yesterday because it combines so many beautiful shades of blue. Cornflower blue, sky blue, even a bit of lavender. The yarn is Cascade Bulky Alpaca Paints – and I used less than one skein – casting on 60 stitches on a size 10 needle. Perfect project for these snowy snowy days!


28 thoughts on “Blue, blue hat

  1. pamela

    Welcome back! Really lovely shades of blue in there and very sweet too:) Hope the little one and her family are coping and please pass on hugs and get well wishes from nanapam in england xxx

  2. Katherine

    Those are beautiful blues! I would love to knit hats for my girls, I would have to start by throwing out a dozen hats first though, maybe I will be able to find someone else who needs a hat? Really sweet of you!

  3. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Oh such gorgeous colors. Blue are my favorites. But you make me feel so…incompetent…when you say it is a one day project. I just spent an entire day on line and never did get to the writing project that was the ONLY thing I should have been doing today. So don’t apologize for being off line with all that has been happening to you!

  4. sarah henry

    what a lovely gift for the little girl. fingers crossed her treatments go well.
    as for you, it’s a wonder you find any time to write — or knit — with everything you have going on. welcome back.

  5. Francesca

    Hello Christine! Where are you now? We are battling winter weather and sickness right now, and I can’t wait for spring to be here. I think your friend’s daughter will love the hat you made for her – sending good thoughts her way.

  6. Jennifer Margulis

    This hat is just so GORGEOUS. I’m so glad to read this post from you. Welcome back! Please keep writing the blog, so we can read it.
    I am wondering if you would consider selling these hats? I’d like to buy one for my toddler (I can’t knit to save my life…)

  7. ana @ i made it so

    well there you are! πŸ™‚ i was wondering about you. glad all is well…
    the hat is so beautiful. what a pretty blue… and i wish that it were to be worn under happier circumstances, but what a very thoughtful gift. my thoughts are with the little one and hope that she is well soon.


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