The sight of a little person in muddy rainboots never fails to cheer me up immensely. It's even better when the little person is stomping around in actual mud puddles in actual rain, but I've yet to figure out how to take my beloved camera out in the rain. Any suggestions?

There are, really, so many moments in life I am unable to capture, because I'm too busy living them instead. But I'm trying my best to learn to take snapshots in my head – to frame a scene and capture a fleeting moment in memory. These images are impossible to share. Perhaps they're not meant to be shared? The historian in me (yes, that's what I was in years past) longs to do something with them though – write about them, document them, archive them, sketch them, capture them in a poem; somehow and in some way I just want to mark the significance of small moments.


12 thoughts on “Rainboots

  1. Francesca

    Your words about “marking the significance of small moments” really speaks to me. There’s meaning and value in every moment. I find that photography is in fact the way I like to mark that significance most of the times. But it is problematic to do that in the rain!

  2. Frugal Kiwi

    We have an Olympus point-and-shoot that is water proof to 30 feet underwater, shockproof to a 1m drop, crush-proof to 110kg and hugely heat and cold tolerant. It doesn’t have the control of our DSLR, but it allows us to get shots in dodgy situations and is the camera of choice on hikes.

  3. Sheryl

    I love this photo, Christine. It’s so sweet. When my children were little, I often watched them walk to the curb to wait for the bus and swore I’d remember the photo I “snapped” in my head. I still do, but now I wish I had the *real* thing to bring me closer to those days that I sometimes miss so much!

  4. TeresaR

    Christine, thank you for coming by my blog and your condolences about my mom! You have a lovely blog with beautiful photos. I would like to try some of the recipes you’ve posted. 🙂

  5. ana @ i made it so

    christine, this is a sweet capture. but i do know what you mean. and i actually found my self doing just what you said… taking mental snapshots, trying to burn them into my own memory. have you gone on a trip or taken some photos but not really looked at the photos til much later? the rare times i do that, i find the photos don’t match up to my memories exactly. and the more i look at the photos, the more they seem over-ride the memories so that how i remember something is through the pictures. and with everything being instant now with digital, the two worlds seem to overlap at times. not sure if that makes sense. but your post really got me thinking about this… 🙂

  6. Amber Lee

    As far as the camera in the rain. I loop mine around my neck and zip my coat up around it. I leave it on the whole time I’m outside so I can whip it out when I need it. Also I use a little cloth to clean it. It rains here all the time, but I still take it out.
    Maybe you should try an art journal? I used to do this before I blogged, and I love looking at them. Little photos get stuck in there, but also bits of the day. Along with some words they tell a more detailed account than some photos can. Though the more photos you take the more likely you are to catch a gem. My photography professor always said you can’t take the shot if you don’t have your camera out. Too true.


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