Old doll, new hair


This is a new/old doll. I made the body a long time ago, and it was a bit of a craft disaster, but I was recently inspired to redo the hair after coming across this great tutorial and spotting a bunch of modern takes on Waldorf dolls, like Bamboletta and Rainbow Dolls

I never realized that there was a doll revolution brewing out there! The new hairstyle transformed the doll and the tutorial was very easy to follow.  I'm not too good at making the bodies and I'll definitely have trouble finding the time (aaah – not another hobby!) but I'd like to make a few more if I can find some presewn bodies and a few simple clothing patterns  - what a great way to use up part of our yarn stash and make dolls with a personal stamp on them.


6 thoughts on “Old doll, new hair

  1. Francesca

    It looks wonderful, Christine! I have a Waldorf boy doll in need of long girl-like hair, I’ll follow your link. All my attempts to make doll clothes without a pattern failed, it would seem easy, but it’s not, and sewing little things is tricky. I hope you can find good patterns.

  2. Nancy

    I have never been a huge doll fan, but I find the Waldorf dolls appealing–this one is charming and not even remotely disastrous. She reminds me of one I made for Second Child when she was about 5. That doll recently resurfaced in a room makeover (she’s 16 now and HAD to paint her room acid green and black) and was one of the few old toys my daughter insisted on keeping.


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