Paper dolls

Part 3 of my Creative Toy Play series is actually about paper, but this hectic week – just barely started – tells me I am not going to get to a full post until later in the week. Here's a little teaser. I saw these adorable illustrations on Flickr by Second Sister, who has a delightful blog, Suaviloquy, and saw a blog post by Valorie of Chocolate Covered Polka Dots, who made her paper dolls on magnet paper. Amazingly simple! 


Just print them out on magnet paper and then color them in. Provide a cookie sheet so the magnets will stick. Oh, such fun. After M had played with them for awhile I started doodling and made her a couple of extra dresses, just to her specifications. (The color she requested? Pink, of course). 

I've been doing a lot of sketching and having so much fun with it. We have a few Japanese illustration books, which I love and am using as a guide to help refresh my rusty doodling skills. I used to draw and sketch all the time when I was younger – I'd forgotten how meditative it is. I'm excited to make more paper dolls, as well as other things. I have a million projects I want to do now, and not enough time!

Do you have any childhood hobbies that you've rediscovered as an adult? 


5 thoughts on “Paper dolls

  1. Jennifer Margulis

    Where do I get magnet paper Christine? I’ve never even heard of that. Seems like a good idea.
    I used to make some clothes for my stuffies when I was little. That was one of my favorite craft activities. NOTHING like the amazing stuff your kids are making. But I was proud of myself for figuring out where Piglet’s arm holes should go.

  2. ana @ i made it so

    these are very cute. i think i’m slowly rediscovering the things that brought me joy as a child…and sketching and doodling is definitely one of those things that i can lose myself in. i just wrote about that actually, and i agree with you, it is so meditative.
    i can relate to what another reader said, about so little time to do things. i honestly try and find a little time each day to those sort of things. it’s hard, with little ones, but so fulfilling when it happens.


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