Pine cone tree craft


The boys came home from school the other day with these sweet little pine cone trees. They seem really easy to make. The teachers had painted the pine cones green beforehand (it looks like they dipped them in paint), and then handed them out to the kids along with glue, cardboard, cotton balls, sequins and beads, and bottle caps. Each child glued a pine cone onto a bottle cap, then glued that onto a cardboard circle. After that they garnished them with the sequins and beads and then surrounded the cap with cotton ball "snow."  The cardboard circle makes a nice little platform for displaying these trees.

I like this craft because it's simple and quick (and relatively mess-free), but the end result is very pretty! 



16 thoughts on “Pine cone tree craft

  1. Jennifer Margulis

    This seems like a great idea for a holiday arts and crafts project! We’re big into cooking right now (which we manage with a minimum of mess and which I can do with my 6-year-old, 8-year-old, and 10-year-old if I carry the baby African-style on my back). I’d like to try this with the kids sometime for sure.

  2. Alexandra

    There are lots of pine cones where we live. I will collect some nice ones and teach my granddaughter how to turn them into Christmas trees on her next visit. Looks like a fun activity!

  3. ReadyMom

    So cute–this looks like a simple, easy craft to do with the kids over the holiday. Now, I just have to dig out the pine cones from under the snow. I was thinking you could also make these into ornaments by adding ribbon to the top.

  4. kristin

    truly a lovely little tree…i’ll have to keep this one in mind next year for my preschoolers…thanks for sharing it.
    i hope your holidays were magical!


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