Flowery greeting card tutorial

We have a few weddings coming up, and I was prowling the web for handmade wedding congratulation card tutorials, but didn't come up with anything that particularly appealed to me. I've made cards using origami flowers before, but wanted to incorporate some sort of fabric or yarn in these cards if I could. So I came up with my own.


This is so simple to make, it hardly warrants a tutorial, but if you are interested, here's the step-by-step.

First, either purchase crocheted flowers (they are usually sold with scrapbooking supplies), or make your own. It takes about a minute or two to make them and they can be used in so many ways so it's really worth teaching yourself how to make them. A few weeks ago I posted a link to a great tutorial for crocheted flowers. Here's the link again. I made my flowers out of cotton yarn, and used a small crochet needle, so the flowers would be tight and defined.

Gather your materials – crocheted flowers, craft paper in various colors including green, craft scissors (to cut wavy or scalloped edges), blank cards, and glue.


Use the craft scissors to cut a piece of paper to use as the background.


Then cut small leaf shapes out of your green paper. 


Arrange on your background paper, and glue everything down. I find it nice for the leaves to be laid down in a somewhat random manner, and for a bit of the leaf to stick out beyond the background – but it's all up to you, of course.

That's it – a simple, but heartfelt, handmade greeting card!



6 thoughts on “Flowery greeting card tutorial

  1. Sheryl

    Wow -these are absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if I’d ever attempt this even though it looks so easy…but I’d sure love to be on the receiving end!


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