Latest quick projects

Since returning from our trip, I've been finishing up other small projects that had been lingering away. It felt like I just couldn't justify moving onto new projects until these were done. Here's the completed pillow I made with a Wee Wonderfuls Tulip Fairy as the centerpiece. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I also made a baby receiving blanket with Echino fabric – a quick and satisfying project. The vivid colors make me happy. The online tutorial can be found here. I love the Purlbee blog – there are a million projects on here I want to try.


In fact, these little felt hearts, below, are also from the Purlbee blog, here:


They are so quick and easy – the perfect way to satisfy the urge to handsew if you have only a few moments.I think they make a perfect and compelling project for a young beginning crafter. The doughnut took a bit longer but I've been wanting to complete some more felt food for Mia's play kitchen. I think the boys were more fascinated by this than she was, though!

I also finished up a few dolls for Daniel and Mia. Daniel's is based on a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. He decided he wanted his to look like Ron Weasley – but he decided this after we put the hair on. He helped stuff his doll and felt so proud to be part of the whole process. I should have supervised a bit more and made sure the head had adequate stuffing – but I also wanted for him to feel like he helped create his doll. Mia wanted hers to have lots and lots of long, wavy hair. The waves were made by braiding, spraying with water, and then ironing the yarn before undoing the braid. This was my first attempt at embroidering a doll's face once the doll is completed – for some reason it's hard to find online directions for hiding the knots – so I had to improvise. If anyone can give me more tips I'd love to hear them!


Finally, I've been using one of the small baskets I made to hold a tiny baby slipper knitting project. These baskets are proving to be handy for keeping small projects separate from one another. I think I might add a pom-pom to the slippers once I am done with them. These slippers use almost no yarn at all and the tutorial is online here.


It is nice to be doing some knitting again! 


6 thoughts on “Latest quick projects

  1. Kitten Muffin

    Lovely stuff!
    I made a doughnut almost identical to the one you made for a friend a couple of months ago. Pink icing and deep pink beaded sparkles and everything! The kids love felt food! My three year old calls it “sewy food”. “can you make me a sewy cake mama?”
    The biggest felt food hit next to the doughnuts has been the felt food pasta shapes, but that has a tendancy to migrate around the house 😉
    I recently had a doll sewing disaster (featuring a magic marker), but seeing your lovely dollies has given me the gumption to plough on and start again.

  2. MarthaAndMe

    I really, really love the basket. I have started a small collection of baskets (lightship, sweet grass, woven rag and one from Hawaii) so this interests me. You’re very talented!

  3. Babette

    Wow! So crafty! I haven’t been knitting in years: South Florida doesn’t make one feel like making cozy things…but I am heading to NC soon–maybe I need to knit again.


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