Needle book and other tiny projects

My projects are getting tinier and tinier. Here's a needle book I made the other day. I did the tree free-form style. I had a strong craving to embroider an autumn tree somewhere (although the hot weather has just now kicked in here in Japan), and this was the result.


Finally a place to store all my needles! It's only about 2 inches by 2 inches. The only problem is that Mia thought this was a little book I made for her, and keeps trying to grab it. I suppose a small felt book will be my next tiny project.

I also made her some small bags out of linen. She prefers the brighter one while I prefer the (as yet unfinished) subdued one. A great way to use up yo-yos.


Finally, the ultimate of small projects – a tiny hairpin.


I made a lot of mistakes with this, but it was just a first try, to see how it works, and oh, it's so much fun. Here's the wonderful tutorial by Mairuru.  I'm going to make more of these this weekend – we're going on another car trip outside Tokyo. I'll be giving a talk on diaper-free babies in Japanese at a workshop. More when I return – and please do stick around, because I am planning a giveaway in the next few weeks!


5 thoughts on “Needle book and other tiny projects

  1. Regina

    The bags, the felt needle book and the hair clips are really cute. I have some some of the clips, I think I am going to try to make a few of these for my girls. Thanks!

  2. Jacqui from Mee a Bee

    You’ve been soooooo busy! I love all of your homemade bags and other crafts. I have just printed out the choc cake to make, book marked the meringue shop for cushion covers — so many great links. Thanks!
    all the best with the birth.


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