Handmade, hand-me-down goodness

Yesterday I said goodbye to my dear friend Becky, whose family is relocating from Japan. Becky and I live in the same neighborhood and we have so much in common – our children are the same ages, we each have two older boys and a little girl, our boys go to Japanese elementary schools, and we both love Etsy and all sorts of handmade goodness.

When she left, she gave me a huge, welcome, wonderful pile of gorgeous handmade cloth diapers and wool pants to use when my baby comes.


This pile makes me so happy! I so love that it's all handmade, I love the colors and designs, I love that there is so much wool in there, I love that these were used and handed down, and I love the connection I feel with another mom and the connection our children will have, sharing these bits of loveliness. Anyone who has known me for years knows I get a bit rhapsodic and giddy about cloth diapers and trainers and wool pants. They are perfect to use as EC (infant pottying) backup and there are so many fun designs out there. And I'm especially grateful to be able to use these because most of my stash had been given away already (forming other little bits of connection with other moms and babies out there!).

Farewell, Becky – I am going to miss you and your beautiful family! I will think of you every time we use these lovely items.


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