Relaxing weekend, sewing bits

How I love slow, quiet weekends. We spent most of the weekend hanging around home, and I got a lot of small sewing projects done – almost all of them inspired by tutorials on the Internet.

I started out by making these birds, based on the bird tutorial by Spool:


This was very easy – a perfect first stuffed ornament project for a novice sewer like me. They're so sweet. 


My son wanted his own bird to sleep with, all red, with wings and a tail like a phoenix, so I'm putting that together for him now. I'm feeling ready to tackle other stuffed softies too.

After that, I quickly whipped up a banner for us to use on the Fourth of July, which we celebrated together while thinking of all our loved ones back home.


This was easy to do because I finally got a rotary cutter last week! It's amazing how much it's improved my sewing. I am so excited to try some patchwork now. In fact I got a small taste of patchwork when I made these coasters as a wedding gift for the editor of the Japanese edition of my DIaper Free Baby book. The tutorial for these is online and free here.


And then, I got out my rotary cutter again to make myself a pincushion, which I've long been in need of – I'd just been sticking my pins into my ironing board!


This is, again, based on a free online tutorial – Heather Bailey's pincushion.

My version is simpler, as I had no ribbon and no time to put in the side panels, but it meets my craving for little pops of color around my sewing area.

I did a speedy felt sewing project too – these little fish with buttons so Mia can practice buttoning. Very simple to make – you could make them any shape, really – just a single layer of felt with a slit for the button. It gave me a chance to practice sewing curves on the sewing machine – still tricky for me as you can see!


In between satisfying bouts of sewing, I got my fill of some of the latest Japanese craft magazines, and took a look through a lovely little needlework book too – I'm longing to try some embroidery soon. 


Hope your weekend was just as relaxing. 

3 thoughts on “Relaxing weekend, sewing bits

  1. Amy Hanson

    Oh, my gosh! I love everything!!! I had never seen that little bird pattern before and I’m dying over the cuteness. Tomorrow, I’m making birds!!!
    All of your creations are adorable. I’m a novice sewer, too. Wish we could “chat and stitch” together!…I didn’t know that you had written a book–wow! It looks wonderful…I wish I’d have known about it when my girls were littler.
    I just love your blog.
    p.s. The paints we use are just the cheap little bottles of acrylic paint you can get at any craft store. Nothing fancy!

  2. Christine - Origami Mommy

    Katherine, I know what you mean. It goes in spurts for me – I didn’t get anything much done this past weekend! I was just so excited to try out the rotary cutter last week. Also, I usually stick to very small projects. If i do some cutting out or other things that need concentration when the children are not around (especially my youngest) then I can work on the other things while they’re in the room. The older two boys do a lot of crafting too so we’re all kind of busy together.


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