Felt sweets and twirly skirts


Such fun to make! Felt sweets were very popular here over the last few years. I actually don't see that many kits for them anymore but they do have them online and there are also lots and lots of cute books. I don't have this one but it looks very….intricate. The attention to detail! Here's another featuring felt bread and another featuring felt produce.

I picked this particular cake kit a few years ago and dug it out recently because I so wanted to do something small and needleworkish and quick. The children were smitten. I will be making a few more to immortalize our Japanese bakery experiences. Now that I have a kit under my belt I will feel more confident about cutting my own felt. 

The urge to create has been so strong in me lately (nesting, perhaps?) and it is so hard not to have enough time and enough materials. I discovered an Etsy store which ships beautiful fabric overseas. I also discovered a kit for an Amy Butler quilt which I have been wanting to try for so long. Those pinks and greens and browns! I'm not a quilter at all (how I regret not paying more attention when my mother was doing all her quilting), and am not sure if this is something that will be fun or frustrating for me to be doing, all by my lonesome, with a toddler girl to watch during the day. The cutting is the hardest part – I don't have a rotary cutter at the moment, and my botched cutting jobs usually result in imprecise sewing results. So I've been searching for a kit that has pre-cut pieces in it so I can just do the assembly and quilting.

I've gotten a few skirts done at least. This one, here, I actually did awhile ago, when I did the Japanese girly dress. It's from the same book, Koharu no fuku (Clothes for Koharu). It's so incredibly simple, just a tube of fabric 110 centimeters wide. Which seems very, very wide, but works if you use a nice gauzy material like this one.


Then I found a super tutorial online for a skirt which was right up my alley – just the right level of challenge for me, doesn't use too much material from my preciously tiny stash, and lets me combine two different fabrics. Plus, no pinning/cutting of complicated Japanese patterns. I really loved this skirt. But I have no pictures of Mia wearing it, alas. It is incredibly hard to photograph an active little girl! Just take my word for it – this is a great, clear tutorial. Hopefully I'll get a photo of her in it someday.


5 thoughts on “Felt sweets and twirly skirts

  1. Michele

    That little cake looks good enough to eat!
    I just got myself a rotary cutter last week and am hoping to try it out today. I’m also concerned about my imprecise cutting skills, so hopefully it will make a difference–will let you know how it goes.
    How much elastic did you use for the 110cm skirt? It’s adorable!


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