Tiny Origami Basket tutorial


I encountered this little basket in a couple of children's origami books, so it should be easy for adults and children alike.

Start with a square piece of paper and fold it in half from corner to corner. If you are using origami paper, the color on the inside of these first few folds will end up on the outside of the basket. (The paper below is dark pink and pale pink and the basket will end up being light pink). 


Unfold, and then fold again from the other corner to the other corner and unfold again. You are doing this to create creases.


Now fold from side to side in both directions and unfold again. Your square piece of paper will now have creases crisscrossing it from corner to corner and side to side. 


This next part is tricky so I've provided a few photos. Fold it back in half again from side to side, grasp the two sides in your hands, and sort of squeeze them together so that it all comes together as shown below.





You'll end up with this square.

Put it down on the table with the open edges and corner at the top, make it nice and flat, and then take the top corner of the top layer and fold it down towards the bottom corner. 


Press down on the crease.


Next, as though you were turning the pages of a book, take the right corner of the top layer and bring it over to meet the left corner.


Repeat the steps you just did above – take the top corner of the upper layer and fold it down to the bottom corner again, and then "turn the page" – take the right corner of the upper layer and fold it over to the left.


Smooth out the paper and press down on creases after each step. The folds you just did should now be on the inside. Both sides of your square should look like the photo below. 


Now, take the right corner of your top layer and fold it about two-thirds of the way towards the left. 


Repeat this step for the left hand side, overlapping the two sides, and then tape down to secure.


Turn over and repeat again on the back side – fold each side in towards the other so they overlap and then tape in place.


It's best to use the smallest piece of tape you can.

Next fold the bottom corner up and press on it to make a crease, then let go.


Now, gently grasp the basket on both sides and open it up. The last crease you just made helps form the bottom of the basket. 


Use your fingers as needed to help sharpen the creases and give the basket some shape, especially around the bottom and the sides. Tape the bottom in place.


Now take the two handles and secure them together at the top with a little bit of tape.


You're done! Use a craft punch and contrasting paper to decorate as you like, or leave it as is. Little ones love these baskets for carrying tiny toys, acorns, pebbles, and other treasures. 



18 thoughts on “Tiny Origami Basket tutorial

  1. Laura

    This is so cute! Today I bought some polished gems for the students in my summer camp. I’m going to pick up origami paper also and teach them to make little boxes and baskets to put the gems inside, like tiny treasures!

  2. Nancy

    Thank you for walking us through this! As it happens, I need a small, pretty container (and one with Japanese origins is apt)in which to pack a gift for a friend today–this is perfect.

  3. Christine - Origami Mommy

    My boys loved toting around their tiny treasures too, and my daughter is at that age now – so cute!
    I forgot to mention that this can be made with paper of any size, as long as it’s square. Larger ones can be made from recycled newspaper or magazine pages.

  4. Jennifer

    Everything on your blog looks like something my daughters would love. Will try this little basket. Is your home overrun with Sylvanian Families like mine? 😉

  5. priya

    It is really outstanding! I do this as return gift for my daughters Birthday Party.Thanks a lot for ur tutorials.Please keep on do something interesting.

  6. L

    My students made this basket for trick or treating with a large sheet of orange construction paper, and we drew on a haloween pumpkin face. We glued down the sides to make it more secure. It worked very well.

  7. Terri Augustine

    I made about 50 of these cute little baskets for a baby shower that I gave and filled them with treats for a favor for everyone to take home! Everyone loved them! I was even asked to make some for another baby shower! They are very easy to do, but use a bigger piece of paper, they are kinda small. Thanks for the instructions!

  8. Punita

    Hi, it is really an interesting piece of Origami I have come across. But I have difficulty in pictures 13,14,15 after making the book page fold and before moving on to 2/3 fold. Kindly guide me with these steps as I want make this piece and surprise my daughters.

  9. Punita

    Hi Christine
    I tried again and in the third attempt got it right. I could surprise my daughters and they are too happy to have them. Thanks and keep sharing more such pieces.
    Happy learning and Enjoyyyyy


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